The Spruce Up

The Spruce Up


Make a Get expert advice and make a few small changes that will have a big impact.

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Want to make a few changes to a room in your home without breaking the bank? Want the help of an expert without investing in full overhaul? I get a lot of design questions from my friends and it's amazing how much of a difference even a few small changes can make.  


  1. 30 Minute Phone Call - We'll schedule a 30 minute phone call to discuss what's working and what's not working with your space. You'll get my professional recommendations on everything from how large a rug should be... to how long and high up should your curtains be hung... so that you have clear, thoughtful guidelines on how to best achieve the look and function you're seeking. 
  2. Written Plan of Action - I'll write out all my recommendations so that you have a written plan that you can refer to and act on all at once or whenever you're ready. 
  3. Three Product Selections - A few days after the call, I'll send you my top 3 product picks that I recommend to spruce up your space. For example: One sofa, one window treatment option & one rug. 

Email me a few photos of one room that you want to focus on, along with your thoughts on what you'd like to accomplish. 

I look forward to working with you!