Think professional interior design services are out of your league? Think again. After working with many clients like you, who have great taste but want help pulling it all together, I created The Coffee Date. It's like hanging out with your new friend (with credentials and tools!) who's there to help you create beautiful, functional spaces that work for YOU. 

You're on your way to getting expert advice on how to make your space more beautiful! We'll start with a quick phone chat to discuss your design challenges. Then we'll schedule a time to meet for 2 hrs in your home or office. 

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  1. Tips of the Trade - Get recommendations on everything from how large a rug should be... to how long and high up should your curtains be hung... so that you have clear, thoughtful guidelines on how to best achieve the look and function you're seeking. 

  2. Written Plan of Action - I'll write out all my recommendations so that you have a written plan in places that you can refer to and act on all at once or whenever you're ready. 

  3. Layout Recommendations - Where's the best place to put your sofa? What's the best way to orient furniture to achieve good flow? You'll receive sketched floor plans with furniture placement recommendations so you know where to place everything in the room. 

  4. My Favorite Vendors List - You'll receive a Google Doc with my favorite vendors, all hot-linked so it's ready for you to shop till you drop. 

  5. Paint Samples - I'll order large paint swatches of recommended colors and have them sent to your home so you can hang them in your space and see which one you're really drawn to before committing.