Using Your Senses To Update Your Bedroom

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While aesthetically pleasing spaces are lovely, it's also important to consider how stimuli affects our mood. Sight, sound, scent, touch, and taste all play a crucial role in how we respond to our environments. As we sink into the cooler weather, we all tend to turn inward, both physically & emotionally. Here's a few tips to update your bedroom for winter that focuses on pleasing your senses...

  1. Sight - Visual "noise" increases stress. Start by clearing out the clutter. It's easier to start fresh and add back what you really need or love instead of trying to work with what's already there. Get rid of things that you don't need or love. Make sure you have ample storage solutions for how you want to live. Especially in the bedroom, less is more. 
  2. Sound - Music and soothing sounds have been known for centuries to significantly reduce stress and promote calm. If you live in a city, this is even more important. Get a white noise app to help with sleeping or set up a little speaker to play music easyily. 
  3. Smell - 75% of our emotions are triggered by smell and our mood improves up to 40% when exposed to pleasant fragrances. Use natural cleaning products to keep your room clean and airy. You can also get an aromatherapy diffuser, a nice smelling soy candle, or a fresh bunch of flowers for your bedside table. 
  4. Touch - Incorporate a variety of textures that are comfortable, soft, and aesthetically pleasing. I love putting a sheepskin rug next to my bed so that it's the first thing my feet touch when getting out of bed. Find super soft flannel sheets so that you don't spend time warming up the bed. And get a soft throw blanket or some velvety pillows to contrast your bedding. A good mix is both visually interesting and pleasing to your sense of touch.  
  5. Taste - I don't eat in our bedroom. I always hear my Grandmother's broken Italian voice in my head going, "Che schifo!" ("How disgusting!") But I'm not against bringing a hot cup of tea to drink while reading in bed to help me unwind before going to sleep. 

It's a good time to think about how you can improve your spaces as we all start spending more time inside. If you need any help or recommendations, just let us know! We're now offering a "Freshen Up Your Space" service where you get 3 recommendations to transform your space...for only $100! Just email us! xx